Newsletter August 2015

Shalom (Peace)!


Your Mission to the Jewish people is working hard, both here and in Israel!


What are you doing for Jewish outreach in Minnesota? I’m glad you asked!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a warm inviting place for young Jewish people to encounter people who love Jesus? Well, guess what? We will soon have such a place, called, The Humble Cup! This coffee house outreach is part of our outreach ministry and is designed to be a safe place where young Jewish students can encounter the love of Christians who have been trained to understand their unique cultural perspectives and how to overcome the roadblocks that keep Jewish people from believing in Jesus! We are active in the training teams to minister to these students and lead them to their Jewish Messiah! Check out our new website for information on upcoming trainings!



Prophesy Conference: September 18-19

One of the things your Jewish Mission is known for is our Annual Prophesy Conference. We always have engaging speakers. This year promises to be more exciting than ever! In addition to our regular speaker, Dr. Rob Lindsted, we are also presenting L.A. Marzulli, an internationally renowned speaker and expert on the End Times, Science and Technological advances and how they are recreating the Days of Noah before our eyes.  Please take a look at the back of this letter and meal order form.


Missions Trips

Have you ever wanted to participate in a Missions Trip to a foreign country? Do you have experience with Missions Trips to third-world countries? Guess what? You can do the same kind of Missions Trips by going to Israel—with Midwest Hebrew Ministries! Your Mission to the Jewish people now takes people from the Midwest with their various skills, passions and God-given talents and partners with several organization in the Land of Israel. Our next Missions Trip to Israel is planned for the first two weeks of April, 2016. Contact us for more information, or check the website for more information:



What does Israel need and what is Midwest Hebrew Ministries doing to meet that need? There have been evangelists in Israel now for more than 68 years. That’s how long Israel has been re-gathered as a nation again, in its own land. While it is wonderful that Israel has many fine evangelists leading Jewish people to Jesus, what is lacking in Israeli believers today is depth of discipleship!


We are actively working with a young believing family who have been established for eleven years in Israel. They are shepherds among the flock of Israel, whose hearts are for the young families and children who need and desire so desperately what you take for granted: Discipleship training, classes and mentoring. The American church has had more than 200 years to grow in depth, while Israel’s church is relatively very young and in need. We are supporting this couple monthly as they reach out to new Jewish believers in Jesus to wean them off of milk and onto the solid food of the Kingdom. Please be sure to designate your gifts for them if you’d like as, “Israeli Missionaries.”


Also in Israel: Tel Aviv Messianic School

One of our exciting projects is partnering with Israeli believers in Tel Aviv to open the first Evangelical elementary school in Israel’s largest and most populous city. This is a great opportunity for believers in the USA to support the needs of Israeli believers. If you want to support this project, please make sure to designate your gift for the school.


Finally, if you are passionate about the future of Midwest Hebrew Ministries and the things God has called us to—witnessing to and discipling Jewish people, educating Christians about the Jewish roots of their faith in Jesus —would you support us? We covet your prayers and have been faithful stewards of your finances for nearly 80 years. Together, we can see Your Mission to the Jewish people reach even more people with the saving message of Salvation through Yeshua (Jesus)!


In Yeshua’s Care,


-Tov Rose

President, Midwest Hebrew Ministries Board of Directors

P.O. Box 43953, Minneapolis, MN, 55443 Phone: (612) 564-8228