Shalom (Welcome)!

Midwest Hebrew Ministries has been lovingly proclaiming the truth about Yeshua (Jesus) being the Messiah of Israel to Jewish people since 1939. We share the good news of the Gospel with Jews and Gentile alike.

Our outreach programs include evangelism, and discipleship, by equipping the local church for Jewish evangelism. We use print, social media, web publications, and we do benevolence work. With your help, we support local ministries, and missionaries, in Israel. With your help, we proclaim the Good News, through Jesus the Messiah to Jewish people in the Midwest, and in Israel alike.

Lives have been touched, and lives have been changed, by the proclamation of the good news that salvation is found in Yeshua (Jesus) alone! During these past seventy-five plus years, a host of friends have helped us ‘contend’ for the faith by helping to support outreach to Jewish people. What has been accomplished for God thus far is history, and only eternity will reveal the fruit of our labor.

Invite us to your church, Bible study, small group, or Home-school group! We would love to share what God has been doing among Jewish people both here and abroad!

Join our bi-weekly Bible Study, in the South Metro, on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month.  We teach all Scripture from within the history and culture of the first century followers of Yeshua [Jesus].

Email us, or write us with your contact information, and we will keep you updated with our quarterly newsletters. You can also message us though our Facebook page link below.

Your prayers, and gifts of support to this ministry are appreciated.


Michael W Rose, Midwest Hebrew Ministries Board of Directors, Secretary