39th Annual Midwest Hebrew Ministries Conference 11.11.17


Dear Friend,

Shalom in the Name of our Messiah Jesus. Although it has been a while since you have heard from us, rest assured that we have been working diligently to share the message of salvation through our partners in ministry here in the Mid-West and in Israel. Our small but committed staff has been visiting and teaching in churches and holding Bible studies in the Twin Cities. Currently Michael Rose has been teaching a series on “The Imminent Return of Our Lord and Savior: What are the Signs and How to Prepare.” We welcome you to join our study on Saturdays in Apple Valley.


imageSAVE THE DATE! 39th ANNUAL FALL PROPHECY CONFERENCE - We are pleased to announce that this year’s conference will be returning to North Heights Lutheran Church in Arden Hills, Minnesota. Please mark down the date: Saturday November 11, 2017. Additional details will be forthcoming in the next newsletter as we finalize details. Our good friend, Dr. Rob Lindsted, always a favorite speaker at our conferences, will be our featured speaker. Dr. Lindsted has been with us more than thirty times over the years. His message of biblical prophecy and current events has always been on the cutting edge, and is always an inspiration and challenge to us.


MINISTRY IN ISRAEL: Our missionary family in Tel Aviv, Israel has been working hard to bring the message of salvation to native and immigrant Israelis for over ten years. Israelis have been coming to know Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah in greater numbers than at any other time since the time of the apostles. In May they opened The Greater Tel Aviv Messianic Center “Mercaz”. This could only have been made possible through your prayers and financial support. Since opening, the Center has held seminars in parenting using biblical principles. It has also hosted seminars in financial planning imageand is currently teaching English to native speaking Israeli children through an English story telling program (pictured to the right). The messianic center has groups from countries around the world visiting and being taught how to share the vision in their native countries.



imageTWIN CITIES MINISTRY - Please visit and support our local outreach to the Jewish people through Humble Cup Café, located at 1851 Washington Avenue South near the University of Minnesota. Through our coffee shop partnership with Gospel Café Ministries we minister to Jewish and non- Jewish students in this South Minneapolis Café. Humble Cup Seven Corners has been voted one of the friendliest places to enjoy a cup of Joe in the Twin Cities. It also has live entertainment, art exhibits, and a small conference area should you wish to hold meetings and enjoy some of the best coffee, lattes and tea in the Twin cities.

PARNERSHIP - We welcome your partnership, your prayers, and your support as we continue to share the message that Yeshua (Jesus) is Lord and Savior as we reach out to unsaved Jewish people through our partners in Messiah and work with churches, teaching them how to minister to our Jewish (unsaved) friends, and how to welcome Jewish believers into your church. We encourage you to contact us for teaching materials and to even come to your church or group to minister and teach. You can write, call (612) 564-8228 or visit us through our web site at www.midwesthebrewministry.org

Blessings from your brother in the Lord,

Michael Rose